Marissa & Tom - Lighthouse Point

Michigan in the summer... It is like magic to me, and to be able to go back to the place where I spent my childhood, to photograph the wedding of my lovely cousin, was music to my ears. The location of the wedding was at beautiful Lighthouse Point in St. Ignace, MI, where you get great views of the Mackinaw Island bridge. A little rain fell before and after the ceremony, which created a beautiful rainbow right by the bridge. I ran to get the bride and groom, and we had an impromptu photo session. Just like every other part of the day, everything fell into place. The day was full of love and laughter. When I asked Marissa if everything turned out the way she wanted it to, she said sincerely, "It turned out better."

Michelle + Andrew Wedding

"Are you ready for this?" I ask Keith as we ascend the curvy Lake Tahoe mountains to Sugarpine Point State Park. He answers, "No, I'm excited for this."

Michelle and Andrew are one of those couples you are excited to see get married. They are truly in love, and it is inspiring to watch...especially through the lens! Keith, aka Bling Crosby, aka my hubby, and I crossed paths with Michelle and Andrew about 4 months before their big day. I think we were all pleasantly surprised to discover each other. They dug us and we dug them and that was that. They booked Keith as the dj and I as the photographer on the spot.

I knew the Tahoe location was going to be gorgeous, but the colors ended up being practically electric. A storm started to brew but the sun stayed out, which created a dramatic sky blue backdrop, contrasted against warm golden rays that lit the surroundings stunningly. Then the rain started to fall...Usually, I love a good rainstorm, but when there's food, guests, a slippery dance floor and gorgeous place settings, I always feel for the couple. Keith lightened spirits by playing Creedence's "Have you ever seen the rain", among others, but it was clearly time to move the party to the sheltered Ehrman Mansion patio. The bash that ensued resembled the nightclubs Keith packs in, aside from the dancing toddlers and grandparents. It was clear that this crowd was not the type to let a little rain dampen their spirits!

We had so much fun and were so honored to be a part of such an incredible day.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding- Lupe and Ben

Lupe and Ben were a fun couple, and it was such a privilege to be a part of their very intimate wedding. When they first began planning their wedding, like many others, it quickly escalated out of control. They realized that they would like something smaller and more intimate and decided to postpone the wedding. San Francisco City Hall was the perfect solution, beautiful and low hassle. They kept the plans hush hush, gathered their closest six (seven including me:) and had a beautiful ceremony. We then moved the party over to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for a photo session. I have to say the vibe between everyone was very laid back, fun and full of love. It was the perfect recipe for a memorable wedding. Check out my post Ten Reasons to Have a Small Wedding. Here are some photos from the event.